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30 September 2007 @ 08:56 pm
this is ... well. i'm not sure what i think of it. i wrote it a couple of months ago, in the summer on holiday but never posted it because i was never sure of it. i don't want to give a summary in fear of giving any of it away.

anyway. please say what you think; if its a completely sick/weird idea or whatever. be honest (but not too harsh plz :)) oh and btw it is AU, though a bit different. you'll see.

of days gone by
steven gerrard/xabi alonso (effectively) | pg-13 | au - yeah | 2200 words

when the night feels my soulCollapse )
28 September 2007 @ 09:20 pm
so err long time no fic. this is very random and not good and well ... just random!

well known secrets
steven gerrard/xabi alonso | R | random like i said | 2250 words

get me out my mind, get you out of those clothesCollapse )
this is err...weird. and very choppy i think. not sure on it but yeh. its AU and there will most probably be a sequel or two...not sure. ay. anyway, becks is rich business man, xabi is the boyfriend and thats pretty much enough for starters :)

we practice to decieve
david beckham/xabi alonso. david beckham/iker casillas. steven gerrard/xabi alonso | PG-13 | AU (alternate universe) | 1800 words

what a tangled web we weaveCollapse )
12 May 2007 @ 04:59 pm
......you know what. i am not even going to come up with an excuse for writing this. i did it because i wanted to dammit. ( to be fair; i thought i'd got the thought of these two out of my head. alas that is not the case ) - i dunno if this actually has a plot. hmm.

on the brink
xabi alonso/frank lampard | NC17 | 3,100 words

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09 May 2007 @ 11:12 pm
please forgive how crappy and rusty my writing is. gah.

iv. scholars
- college au
- characters in this part: steven gerrard. xabi alonso. frank lampard. daniel agger. gabriel paletta. steve finnan. (brief mention of andriy shevchenko)
- rating (for this part) : pg
- words: 1,532